Friday, July 29, 2011

Dreams DO come true!


The quick details: On July 18,2011 at 35.5 weeks Sam and Lily arrived at 531p and 532pm. Samuel Edward was 5lbs 6ozs. 17 inches and Lillian Mae was 4lbs 14ozs. 17 1/2 inches. They had apgars of 9,9 and 8,9. No problems and came home with us!

All the details:

For those that were following this journey you know that at my 32 week u/s it was discovered that Sam had IUGR. Since then i was going in 3x a week for monitoring to see if he was OK still inside the womb. On July 18th i had one of these appts. They were measuring his blood flow through his umbilical cord. They found a 95% restriction. After measuring it over and over and finding normal readings the MFM doc thought itd be best just to deliver bc we were just about 36 weeks and the risks far outweighed the benfits at this point.

The MFM doc called Dr. B and he told us he would deliver us at 5pm that day. It was 11am at this point. Pete and I were shocked, but prepared for this. I was so nervous how the babies would do on the outside and about the c/s in general. Pete and I drove around Providence so he could tie up some lose ends for work and then we went to Target to pick up a few things for the hospital.

I went home and took another shower and off we went. We had to be at the hospital for 3p. I waited for a good hour in the waiting room. Each minute felt like an eternity. I had mixed emotions. I was SO READY for the pregnancy to be over, but i was also scared about what was to come. I also felt guilty that i didnt hug Jack a little longer that morning since it would have been the last time for just the 2 of us..ever! I kept having flashbacks of Jacks delivery and tried to ignore it and just kept thinking that "i have gone though so much, THIS has to work out!"

They FINALLY called me back and di the whole admission process. Once the anethieologist came in and put in the IV, everything felt real. Dr. B came in and was so laid back about the whole thing, everyone was. I felt like screaming at people "im about to get cut open and have TWINS and everyone is walking around like this is NO.BIG.DEAL." I wanted it all to be over and just know everything was going to be OK.

OK so the IV is in and Pete is able to sit with me for about 3 minutes before they took him away again (ahh). They wheeled me to the OR and i thought the room was teeny tiny. Everyone was dressed in toothpaste colored was very strange, like i was in an UFO or something. I slide over on the table and the spinal went in (the anestiologist was awesome and very reassuring). I felt my legs go all warm. I could feel people touching me but no pain. It freaked me OUT. I didnt want to feel ANYTHING!! But the anethiologist kept reassuring me everything was normal and OK.

They they told me they were going to "test" me. Oh boy, cue the anxiety! I felt the pressure and i kept wait ing for pain but i didnt feel it. I heard dr. B says "we're about the start."..I asked where Pete was and he was sent over to me a minute later. It felt like 10 muntes passed until I heard them say "we are at the uterus"..."its clear fluid"..."ITS A BOY!!". Sams warmer was right next to me so i saw him get wiped down and heard his cry right away. He looked great and didnt need any assistance.

Then Lily came out. I couldnt see her but i heard her cry. I told Pete to go over to them. He looked at me like "really? i can do that?". Everything was SO DIFFERENT this time. Pete was able to cut the cord on Sam (there was too many people around Lily). He got to hold them both and bring them over to me. It was all so surreal. I couldnt believe they were OK and the pedis left the room. They were able to stay with us!!! They were perfect! Sam looked ust like Jack and Lily is such a dainty pretty girly girl. Whenever they told me the wweighted i was like "really?" Sam was BIGGER by a half of a pound! But it was his cord in the end that was causing the issue so it all was a good this.

I went to recovery for 3 hours and i felt good. My mom came in to meet the babes and to see for herself everything was OK. I just ket saying over and over"i cant believe this!!"

We went up to the pp floor and were on a an adrelaline rush. Alot of people came in to visit (i work on the floor at the hospital). We feed the babies that night. We both were in complete awe and in shock! Jack came the next day and he was so excited! He loves on the babes throughout the day and asks to hold them all the time.

I felt great the day after the surgery. I was up walking around, no pian, felt like a whole new person without 10 pounds of baby in me! Then....I was sitting on the bed fedling Lily and i felt a warm insicion had opened up. They ended up having to reopen me (in the bed), take out a hematoma and restaple me (without drugs!). It was awful. Its been 11 days and today i finally got the staples out. We are hoping it doesnt get infected or open back up now that the staples are out.

Being home has been great. The babes lost alot of weight in the hospital so i have to pump and add calories to their breastmilk and im supplementing with 24 cal. formula. So far they are gaining weight. Sam is maybe 5 lbs and Lily is around 4-6 right now. We wake them every 3 hours to feed and last night we started letting them wake up when they are hungry. If one wakes up at night the other is waking up too. During the day we do a 3 hour schedule.

I am so in love. I wish i could love on them both all the time but its not easy with Jack and another babe to take care of. I look forward to feeding times and bathtimes since i get to spend the most time with them then.

I am so happy and LOVE every minute of them.

Im so glad this journey is over. My family and my heart are now complete

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